Kia Motors approached Innovam for the development of a training programme regarding the launch of their renewed brand and Corporate Identity (CI) values. This training programme’s target group was the Marketing staff of the local importer branches in all markets where Kia products are sold. Subsequent to this training, this target group will provide training to the local dealer staff.

The two main learning objectives for the training programme were:

  • to safeguard the correct use and application of the renewed CI information
  • to realise a behavioural change in the daily interaction with customers which is more in line with the renewed Kia brand values


Innovam developed a one-day classroom programme with ‘interaction’, ‘personal experience’ and ‘measurement’ as central principles. In the course of the day, the participants compiled a package with a set of assignments containing the available theoretical information. The interaction between participants was key, so that they became aware of the effect of a change in behaviour in relation to the selected themes. The trainer subsequently presented various different examples and cases from other brands.  The participants were able to experience personally how this affected them and the consequential impact on their brand experience. It is important to note here that they did not work with cases from other automotive brands, but took a broad look at brands within other branches. A quiz formed an important building block during the training. The participants had to complete questions and/or assignments frequently to show that they understood the subject matter. This was done on an individual basis and in teams, with a winner of the day and a nice prize as an end result. In addition to the training that was provided to local marketing staff and to safeguard them even more, an extensive instruction video was made highlighting once again the main learning objectives and methods used.

The result

An extremely dynamic training programme with a good result and satisfied participants and client.  Kia Motors has also exhibited the courage to confront a large group of international staff with themselves and each other in order to obtain a general behavioural change within the organisation.  The training was a great success in spite of (or thanks to!) the different cultural backgrounds of the participants involved.  Innovam is proud that it has been able to contribute to the worldwide implementation of the new brand and CI values of Kia Motors.