We believe that the right knowledge and skills are the keys to success. Customers expect more and more from your staff: they must have the right knowledge and skills, be customer-friendly and be able to anticipate individual customer requirements faster than ever before. We help your organisation or company with the further development of your staff. This enables your staff to perform their work optimally every day, now and in the future.


At Innovam we listen to our customers. We always provide customisation, tailored to your specific requirements, needs and intended training objectives. We use the newest training technologies, such as Virtual Classroom training, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) and gamification. Nevertheless, we are also well aware of the added value of proper classroom training. Therefore, we are always seeking the correct combination that best suit your intended learning objectives and training needs.


Innovam develops and supplies customised training programmes at the request of importers and OEMs. With our train-the-trainer expertise, we can roll out your training programmes worldwide. Besides this, we can also supervise your staff’s examination and certification. And with our LCMS solutions, we can provide your (international) staff with E-learning and Virtual Classroom training 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a specific training requirement, you can of course always rely on our knowledge and expertise in the form of customised advice.


On the one hand we work for OEMs and importers and on the other hand for local vocational education institutes. We know what the student needs to complete his education successfully to enter the labour market. We also know what the employee needs to excel in his profession. Whether you are a sales manager, car mechanic, bicycle technician, ship’s engineer or a teacher, we know which knowledge and skills you need to perform well day after day in your profession or training. Therefore, we at Innovam form the bridge between vocational education and the labour market.

Well-trained employees and students

We support commercial market parties such as manufacturers (OE and OEM), importers (NSO) as well as local vocational education institutes. We know which knowledge and skills the student needs in order to enter the labour market successfully. We also know what the employee needs to sustain excellence in his or her profession in a world where technology develops at an ever-increasing pace. Therefore, we at Innovam form the bridge between vocational education and the labour market.

Services for OEMs and importers

Innovam supports OEMs and importers in the Automotive, Bicycle and Maritime industries in developing and providing their staff’s education and training programmes. For this, we usually develop customised programmes based on a Blended Learning approach so that staff can participate as efficiently as possible in a new education course or training programme. Where necessary we transfer the knowledge to the organisation’s own trainers using a proven Train-The-Trainer approach. Thus, we safeguard training quality for each market where it is rolled out.

Services for vocational education

Innovam supports government bodies and educational institutions that train students for a profession in the Automotive, Bicycle and Maritime branches. Innovam has more than 70 years of experience in supporting the Dutch vocational education institutions. We use this knowledge to support government bodies and local educational institutions worldwide with the objective of optimally bringing their education in line with educational requirements in local industry.