At the request of shipping company AG Ems in Emden and the maritime knowledge institute Mariko in Leer, Innovam developed an Augmented Reality app for the conversion of its existing ships to LNG fuel propulsion. The idea was that ferry passengers from Emden to Borkum should be playfully acquainted with this sustainable and innovative form of propulsion. The MS Ostfriesland is one of the first passenger ships to use this clean fuel for propulsion, so an innovative way of sharing information seems appropriate.


Innovam developed an Augmented Reality app which the passengers can download before embarking using the onboard wifi network. The app’s informative content was made accessible using a selection of ten so-called QR markers distributed across the ship. These recognisable ‘hotspots’ activate a particular section of the information contained in the app. The information can be scanned using a smartphone camera. Besides information about the ship’s innovative onboard LNG technology, the app also allows passengers to view the ship in 3D and to discover the many spaces on board on a virtual platform. There is also information available about the Wadden Sea and the many ‘green’ initiatives that are now being developed in a wider context by the maritime sector. After visiting the hotspots, the passenger can conclude by participating in a short knowledge quiz and thus show that he is a real ‘AG EMS Ambassador’.

The result

Knowledge and information about the vessel and its modern means of propulsion is shared in an innovative way with the passengers. This demonstrates that sharing knowledge and learning can also be fun. Certainly if it is offered in an alternative and innovative manner. The new Augmented and Virtual Reality techniques enable one to share information and visualise it at any location. This makes it even easier to transfer information in a transparent way.