Innovam frequently develops new product training programmes for sales staff within the context of the global introduction of new models.
In reality, the assignment is the same in nearly all cases:
  • the development of an international Blended product training concept for local sales staff
  • the development of all associated participant materials and a Trainer Guide
  • transfer of knowledge and materials to all local national trainers via the organisation and the rollout of a ‘Train-The-Trainer’ event (TTT)


Proposed learning objectives for a training programme:
  • presentation of the vehicle-specific characteristics (USPs) based on a ‘Feature-Function-Benefit’ approach (FFB)
  • a static product comparison with the top three main competitors
  • a dynamic product comparison (driving sessions) with the own product and the top three main competitors
  • the introduction of the available accessories with an eye toward the possibilities for further personalisation of the product
  • a repetition of the key steps for a correct product presentation based on the step-by-step instructions used by the brand


Innovam approaches each request from a Blended Learning principle. In many cases, this means that an e-learning module is developed for covering the necessary theoretical knowledge. This online class is followed by an event lasting one or several days. Often, tools such as Augmented or Virtual Reality techniques, a webinar, instruction videos or a gamification element in the form of a quiz activity are used. During the rollout of the classroom training, the participant is confronted with a mixture of in-house workshops and on-road test drive activities with a clear focus on ‘personal experience & discovery’. In order to keep the participants active and engaged, various assignments are given which have to be completed as a team. An ongoing knowledge quiz verifies whether the required learning effect has been achieved. The basic set of training materials is always developed in the English language and can be supplied in several additional languages. Subsequently, the package is transferred by means of a Train-The-Trainer event (TTT) to local trainers who take care of the rollout in their own market. Innovam can also provide this service with our own trainers or local business partners.

The result

Innovam’s blended approach realises the intended transfer of knowledge and skills. The longer lead time and accompanying ‘repetition’ element sustainably safeguard the intended improvements in the organisation. The ‘personal experience’ and stimulation of interaction with the participants helps the local dealer staff to optimally present and sell the new product. The central development of the set of training materials in combination with the transfer based on a Train-The-Trainer event guarantees our customers a consistent image and realisation of the intended learning effect in all markets in which they operate.