With the launch of the training programme for the new Sparta ION-M8i and M10i e-bikes, Accell Academy requested Innovam to put the innovative USPs of the bikes even more in the spotlight. For instance, the dealers are better able to point out these product characteristics in sales interviews with interested customers.


Innovam subsequently proposed the development of a Virtual reality app in addition to a general e-learning module (knowledge) and the rollout of classroom training (skills). This app creates a picture of the three important new product characteristics (motor, steering console and battery) in an innovative way.  Offering an overall VR app platform made the app available on desktop PC, tablet and smartphone (iOS and Android) and the dealer can easily view and if necessary use it for further product visualisation during a customer interview. By means of supplied bicycle CAD data, Innovam was able to imitate the construction virtually and to make it available in the app in 3D. Even so-called ‘cut-open’ animations were developed for the components mentioned. For instance, the components can also be ‘viewed from the inside’, thus providing a faster insight into how they work or should be maintained. The underlying theoretical information can be retrieved immediately via a ‘hotspot’ link on the screen.

The result

This Virtual Reality app made the information that is not usually visible transparent. This increases the understanding of these complex systems. It also makes it easier for the dealer staff to quickly gain insight into these innovative technologies and the associated maintenance activities. Moreover, it also presents a good demonstration opportunity for the dealer with a view to prospects interested in technology, thus further underlining the Sparta’s innovative character.